About Us


Xamarin Cross-Platform Mobile (iOS, Android, UWP)
Microsoft Certified Professional

Twenty years of IT experience working with numerous technologies in industries including e-commerce, manufacturing, real estate, field services, healthcare, and academia. Adaptable to various roles depending upon project needs. Extensive experience with Xamarin.Forms (Android & iOS), C#/XAML/MVVM Windows 8/10 UWP tablet apps.

Focused primarily on the Microsoft stack, with previous experience with Java/Linux. An innovative problem-solver with excellent communication and listening skills. Able to broker technical and non-technical communication from C-Level to deeply technical. Experienced UI/UX designer, front-end XAML developer, business analyst, as well as middle-tier architecture, database design, and data analysis, etc. In other words, sufficiently nerdy, deeply technical, ultra-productive and yet super-duper client-facing.



MVC Web, Web API, SQL Server, C# custom code
Azure Developer Associate Certified

Back-end developer focused on MVC, Blazor, and any other trailblazing technologies. Likes finding outside-the-box solutions to unique problems. Enjoys classic 80’s and 90’s cinema and VR development as his primary hobbies.


MVC Web, Web API, SQL Server, C# custom code
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

Excellent communication skills and a customer-first mentality enable me to effectively collaborate with C-level executives and technical teams alike to deliver what each customer wants the first time.

Microsoft certified, full-stack, enterprise solutions architect and developer of complex integrated applications. Two decades of professional IT consulting experience gained helping clients turn goals into reality while avoiding costly mistakes. Especially strong with database design and development of RESTful APIs for Web services that are the foundation of many modern MVC web sites, Xamarin mobile applications, and Azure cloud-based solutions.

Passionate about finding ways to gain efficiencies that save clients time and money. Visionary of our flagship product, CodeGenHero, that can shave weeks or even months off of a project schedule while maintaining coding best practices.

Strategic Business Alliances

Cypress Data Defense


Cypress Data Defense was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices across the United States. Cypress helps organizations secure their IT development and operations using a pragmatic, risk-based approach. They can apply security controls to governance, networks, and applications across the enterprise.  Their consultants are authors in the area of secure coding and fly around the world to train developers how to use secure coding practices.

Viable Insights

Deven Wisner: Facilitator, Data Viz Nerd, Capacity Builder, Evaluator, Org Developer

Deven has technical skills in program design, statistics, and data visualization and reporting.  He uses those skills to facilitate data-driven decision making across a variety of disciplines, including community and social welfare, human capital, finance, marketing, and regulatory and compliance. Deven leverages his formal training in evaluation and industrial-organizational psychology combined with years of senior-level management experience to enable clients in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors leverage data in their organization’s decision-making process.
With first-rate communication skills, Deven moonlights as a teacher of Organizational Behavior and Psychology of Leadership at the University of Arizona, South. He is a board member for the Arizona Evaluation Network, active with the American Evaluation Association, and the co-founder of the Tucson Tableau User Group.

Working With Us

Typically, when we engage for a project that requires staff augmentation for Xamarin projects, our mission often involves the following steps:

  1. Onboarding – Bring us up to speed on the current status of your team/project and your vision for the medium and long-term.
  2. Remediation – Quickly identify and resolve any parts of the app/process/security etc. that require immediate attention, as needed.
  3. Plan – Lay out steps (technical, process or otherwise) for getting the project from where it is today to where it needs to be.
  4. Execute – all companies, projects and teams need something different – mobile projects often cannot be treated as one would treat a web project
    1. Sometimes teams need us to “roll up our sleeves help get to the finish line”.
    2. Sometimes teams need us to help them with a specific technical challenge. They want us to review their Xamarin architecture, or perhaps they can’t figure out how to build out unit tests, perhaps they need help with geofencing, etc.
    3. Specifically, with Xamarin, we see teams that have heavy knowledge with one platform over another, and need help getting the lagging version to distribution.
    4. Often, with Xamarin, we are asked to lay down or improve an architecture, help build out the app, and train a team of FTE developers/DevOps/QA to continue after the first release or two. This sets up a delivery cadence.
  5. Over the last year, as the content in Xamarin University has been allowed to go stale and meanwhile Microsoft has been building the updated content back up in Microsoft Learn. During this time, we have had requests to provide small team corporate Xamarin training. We wrote content and delivered over 100 hours of Xamarin Training in the last calendar year. For one team of 5 developers, we designed the course to revolve around building a POC Xamarin app with backend database and restful services. The training app was strikingly similar to the requirements for the app that the team was tasked with building for their company project.

Our (Pre-Pandemic) Space

Prior to COVID-19, we spent a fair amount of time working on site, with our clients, and we also had an office inside of Fox.Build, an awesome makerspace and coworking space in St. Charles, Illinois. Now, we work 100% from home.