Blazor Means Business – Chicago .NET Users Group Presentation

Have you heard WebAssembly is the future of web development? Well, that was 2019…in 2020 it has become the present. Join me to see how you can break the bonds of JavaScript and TypeScript to build modern Single Page Applications (SPA) using C# .NET end-to-end. Blazor, combined with .NET Standard libraries, brings us closer than ever to the “Holy Grail” of software development. We’re talking about being able to write code once, share it across server and client applications, and run those apps cross‑platform.

In this session, we dive into how to architect your Blazor line-of-business (LOB) application so it can easily grow and adapt to changes in requirements over time. Paul will share lessons learned and code samples developed over months of his own “trailblazing” with Blazor. In the era of 5G, this exciting technology will supplant the need for many native mobile applications.

Check out the Microsoft Docs for more Info on Blazor

Blazor Means Business CNUG

Does Blazor live up to the hype? Come see for yourself why there is so much buzz around this technology!
Sample Concepts (audience-guided; we’ll cover as much as we can!):

Paul Schroeder CNUG

– WebAssembly and near-native speed
– How to structure your projects in a Blazor solution
– In-memory providers for rapid prototyping
– Hybrid JSON / relational database design concepts
– Authentication, role & policy-based authorization; avoiding “magic strings”
– Event lifecycle
– DOM binding and browser event handling
– Routing and navigation
– Layouts and component state
– Dependency Injection; services and parameters
– Invoke JavaScript functions from .NET methods (interop)
– Material Design implementation
– Parameters and cascading values
– Input forms, validation, and handling form submission
– Strongly-typed configuration settings
– “AppState” pattern for state management
– Templated components and component libraries
– Implement the MVVM pattern
– Logging and instrumentation
– Grid component implementation
– Modal dialog
– Handling UTC dates (localization)
– Add Font Awesome
– Access Cookies
– IList Extension Methods
– Reverse-engineer a DB using pluralization
– Execute a stored procedure from EF Core
– Incorporate status into data rows
– Set audit field values automatically (SpecialProperty attribute and TrackedModelBase class)
– .Net Standard and Xamarin code sharing
– Safe Storage of App Secrets
– Deployment tips