Understanding Bluetooth Mesh at Monkey Fest 2020

We all know how our phones can pair to a Bluetooth speaker or our vehicles. Bluetooth mesh takes that relationship to a whole new level. This talk will introduce high level concepts related to how Bluetooth mesh networks operate and what types of problems they solve. Then, we will delve into the role iOS and Android devices play in creating and managing Bluetooth mesh networks. Finally, we will discuss the reasons why Xamarin is the best choice for building Bluetooth mesh mobile applications.

We were excited to see the videos from Monkey Fest 2020 released last week! MSCTek’s very own Robin Schroeder presented this talk on Understanding Bluetooth Mesh.

MonkeyFest USA 2020 was an amazing one-day virtual Xamarin conference. It was sad not to be able to hang out with everyone in person, but hopefully the world will be ready for in-person conferences soon. Find all of the conference videos from Monkey Fest here: https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/monkeyfestusa