What is it?

CodeGenHero® is a developer productivity tool that can shave weeks off of a project schedule, reduce the cost of change, and improve code quality. It uses a well-defined database schema to code generate class files that work together to comprise a fully-functional enterprise application architecture. 

CodeGenHero® provides UI developers with an easy programming modelbased on a solid framework. Using it can reduce the risk of project failure. It does this by lowering the cost of change that frequently plagues new software projects. 

In seconds, the bulk of repetitive component code can be refactored when shifting business requirements result in database schema changes.

Generated components leverage proven best practices across all layers which helps teams with limited senior resources. Similarly, because the process is automated, the chance for bugs due to human error and “copy paste” mistakes decreases. 


CodeGenHero already has you covered with best-practice templates that span from mobile development using Xamarin and SQLite to MVC Web clients accessing Web API resources to repository mappers and interfaces for persisting data. We encourage you to review our template library documentation and download our example projects.

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