Xamarin Cross-Platform Mobile

Graphic of programmer creating applications for a variety of platforms

Xamarin.Forms allows developers to build a single C# code base to create native mobile applications for Android, iOS and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Xamarin, a startup originally founded in 2011, was acquired by Microsoft in March 2016.

So, why choose Xamarin?

  • Xamarin is NATIVE – Users are interacting with native OS controls on iOS, Android and UWP. In a world where mobile users are highly sensitive to ‘the way an app feels’, this is a requirement of both public facing a line-of-business mobile apps.
  • Xamarin is Mature – First released in 2014, Xamarin.Forms was a little rough around the edges. By 2015-2016 it was easy to spin up simple apps and nearing a point in which it was ready for larger scale line of business apps. Over the last two years, Xamarin has continued to gather support from the community and from Microsoft. The Visual Studio 2019 tooling for Xamarin is fabulous. AppCenter, SkiaSharp and Material Visual, are just a few of the more recent projects that continue to cultivate the Xamarin ecosystem.
  • Xamarin is Open Source – Not only is Microsoft actively investing in Xamarin, but they are also actively incorporating very cool pull requests from Xamarin developers from all over the world.

So, why choose MSCTek to build your Xamarin app?

  • MSCTek specializes in enterprise Xamarin.Forms tablet and phone apps.
  • MSCTek has decades of experience with SOLID principles and C#.
  • We know how to deliver apps on-time and on-budget, with no surprises.
  • Our special sauce? We have developed a rock solid architecture for WebAPI & Xamarin.Forms and a set of proprietary code generation templates for that architecture. This allows us to concentrate on what matters – your business rules, the database structure and the UI.